Munno Para

Cash for Bottles, Cans and Scrap Metal

Convert your cans, bottles, and Scrap Metal to cash at the Scout Recycling Centre Munno Para. All deposit containers, including cans and bottles that attract a 10c deposit, will be counted and paid on the spot.

We’ll also take your wine bottles and some other non-deposit bottles and cans (including washed milk cartons).

Please remove the screw caps from the bottles – it makes them much easier to keep them out of landfill.

When not counting your bottles and cans for refunds the team at Scout Recycling Centre Munno Para will be busy processing the cans, bottles, old cars, non-ferrous and ferrous metals as well as small and large household appliances and getting them ready for trucking to recycling plants for processing.

Scouts will pay CASH for

  • Deposit Drink Containers
  • Scrap Steel
  • Car Bodies/Old Farm Machinery and equipment
  • Non-Ferrous Metals

Scouts will also accept

  • Non-deposit glass drink and food containers
  • Non-deposit plastic bottles (e.g. milk bottles)
  • Car Batteries

Scouts will NOT accept

  • Cardboard/paper
    Non-recyclable waste
Thank you for helping the environment and supporting Scouts SA!
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Contact 08 8254 9498
Electrical Appliances, Large Household Items, Small Household Items, Wire, Metal and Other, Cars and Machinery, Plastic, Glass and Other Containers
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