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For people and for planet.
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We believe in the power of second chances: for people and for planet.

Recycling with Scouts not only supports the planet, it gets some cash in your pocket and helps support Scouts youth programs in South Australia.

Scout Recycling Centres first opened in 1978 to assist South Australians with keeping their community – and the planet – clean. Four decades later, we’re still going strong.

Scouts South Australia takes its responsibility to the community seriously which is why they now have 12 Recycling Centres across South Australia and Queensland where you can convert your cans, bottles and scrap metal for cash on the spot, and prevent them from adding to landfill.

For people and for planet, of today and tomorrow…

Recycling with Scouts is a great way to help yourself, Scouts, and the planet. Scout Recycling Centres makes it easy to drop off your bottles, cans and scrap metal.

In addition to 12 recycling centres, there are also many community Scout Groups that will accept your donation of cans and bottles.

Using Scout Recycling supports the programs and services that helps raise future leaders.

Corporate and Events

For qualifying hospitality businesses and events, Scouts is able provide and collect bins for donated product further reducing the amount of recyclable material that goes to landfill.

Deposit Items

It doesn’t matter if you are raising money for an event, or your kids are saving up to purchase the latest gaming station, Scout Recycling Centres can take your cans and bottles and turn them into cash for you.

About Us

The dedicated team at Scout Recycling Centres are here to help you with all your recycling needs. Not sure who is the right person to speak to about your enquiry? Find out more here.

What can be recycled

Not sure about what you have at home that can be recycled? Scout Recycling Centres take various small and large household items, as well as ferrous metals and cash deposit containers included in the Container Deposit Scheme. Check out the full range of items that Scouts can recycle.
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